BIG Thoughts

My FEARLESS Painting Tribe and I are almost through our second week together of my online workshop: BIG.
I’m going to be honest, I didn’t expect this. I didn’t expect so much passion and heart opening and breakthroughs and pure acts of FEARLESSNESS so early together and so fierce.
This second week we’ve been exploring memory in our FEARLESS Painting…and our paintings are becoming less of products that we hold and scrutinize over–and worry if they look a certain way–but we are learning to embrace the entire painting process to take over…to imbued our lives.

And the thing is—it has. I am honored. Deeply, truly honored to be witness to all of this. To be a catalyst to spark so much creativity and growth in this Universe.
I hate to sound dramatic, but it brings me to my knees.

Above is a FEARLESS Painting by Lisa, you can read on how her experience is impacting her Creative Juicy Life HERE.

And look at this photo–one of the FEARLESS Painters is traveling on business–but she is so committed to her FEARLESS Painting practice that she has created a make-shift studio in the hotel room!!!
How I adore this. How I am so inspired by the magic everyone in the FEARLESS Painting Tribe is bringing to the group–and especially my own Life.

And here’s another memory painting created by Emily.

I don’t think I need to say anything. And look at her go as she works on letting loose with her brushstrokes below.

And this is my Life now. This is what I choose. This is what I will give my heart to. This is what I will learn each day for and from–to get better–to get bigger–to get the word out that FEARLESS Painting can change your life. Can open your heart. Can create space. Can just be a whole lot of fun.
I want to say thank you to each of my FEARLESS Painters….you are changing my life in such a BIG way.
This stuff is too good—I plan to share it again in the Fall.
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