Finding the LOVE

The Art Journal saga continues. First, my Art Journal page looked like THIS, then it transformed into THIS.
Finally, last night, after a totally lively–totally creative juicy awesome online chat with my FEARLESS Painters from BIG…I pulled out the Art Journal again and added tissue paper like I promised I would do!
I apologize about the lousy photo. But, I wanted to really document this step–because for some reason–those little swatches of transparent tissue paper is all it took for me to get energized about this entire Art Journal entry.
Here is the final outcome. What a transformation!! And…I LOVE it! I LOVE all the layers and fun colors…but most of all…I LOVE that I really let myself play and have fun with this level of the process. Something about slapping tissue paper on is so satisfying. Something about playing with stamps and gluing sparkly stars on makes me feel like a kid again. Something about sponging a little gesso on here and there makes everything happy.
Plus, I’ll admit, it doesn’t hurt that I got rid of that Farrah Faucet hair-do that the chica on there was originally sporting. That was driving me crazy…it didn’t feel right. For some reason–it didn’t feel “me”.
This piece feels like “me”. And at the end of the day….isn’t that what we all strive for?
Art–and ESPECIALLY Art Journaling–is all about finding your voice–your truth. I really learned with this piece that sometimes it takes time and space and to really listen to what your inner creative voice is guiding you to do.
This takes practice, and a lot of bad pages…and a lot of bad stages.
And a lot of LOVE.

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