When All You Make Is Crap

Here is an Art Journal page I started working on this weekend.
It’s not finished. And so far, I’m not digging it.
But I’m going to let it sit. Let is settle down, maybe let it sleep for awhile.
I like the right page–but the chica woman on the left?!?! What the?
And the reason that I’m showing you…is because that’s the thing about Art Journaling–that’s the thing about Life….it’s all about layers…about a journey of going well–hit a few bumps—rest–journey forward again.
Don’t you agree?
So—if you’re an Art Journal newbie–and maybe you’ve been drooling over a lot of the 30 JOURNALS 30 DAYS Artists lately…remember that we all make things at times that don’t feel good–that look like crap–that can feel like you just wasted your time. But know this is all part of being an Artist–this is all part of being creative.
And listen…Gary Reef just made a great little vlog on the same thing too…(he’s so awesome!)
And last, I have to tell you–I’m so honored to share that I was interviewed for Jennifer Hutchins Inspiring Artist series on her blog Joyful Arts Studio. She is such a talented Artist–Art Journaler–and Art Educator–I feel so important and humbled to be included in her series.
Please take a moment to visit her blog and read the interview HERE.
And I’ll see you later for 30 JOURNALS 30 DAYS…pssst…I’ll tell you a secret–today’s featured Artist is the fabulous Samantha Kira Harding…aka Journal Girl!!

Last…have you been thinking about it? Have you been dreaming of a day of pampering your creativity and ready to take the time for you? Check out the Art Journal LOVE Mini Retreat happening on Saturday, August 21st!! It’s already filling up and I’m excited to share the Art Journal LOVE with you!!!
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