Wishcasting Wednesday LOVE: Focus


Oh Miss Jamie Awesome…I don’t think I’ve ever been this focused in my LIfe.

Come on world….bring it on…I’m ready for you!

But are you ready for me?

I’m not even worried about making money anymore. I just need to feed the fire, spread the word…….fulfill the mission my Creative Juicy Life has evolved into.
I want to be FEARLESS…and I want nothing but a tribe of FEARLESS Painters around me….running around with paint on their hands and fire in their heart inspiring others to push the limits in their creativity….push the limits in this Creative Juicy Life.
HEY–lets squeeze every ounce of juiciness out of the blessings we’ve been granted.
And focus on the LOVE that can be had.
That can spread.
That can overcome all those fear gremlins, inner critics, self doubts, silly reasons, old nasty memories, hurt, pain, and illness that won’t go away.
Step inside your heart–pick up a paintbrush–look at what lies within–and begin.
Step inside this Life.
And stay focused.
Stay centered.
Begin each day FEARLESS, again and again.
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