A Year Ago Today I Made A Prophecy

You see this? This is one of the BIG projects we do in BIG. Yep, that’s me!
If this was my “old life” today would be my official day back to work.
Now here’s the thing…..I went into the Dirty Footprints Studio archives to see what I said on this day last year when I started back to work….and I made a little prophecy….I said:

Dontcha love that?!? Like seriously–dontcha LOVE that?
And when I read that…it makes the last few months of my Life make such sense. I spent the year having this as my intention in my heart–I even told my colleagues and in many ways I was always preparing my room for when it came time that I would have to leave. But–my mind would get in the way. My mind would try to rationalize everything–and scare me into staying by using logic as a weapon. But then–it was painting. It was honestly, 100%ly, with out a doubt, freaking painting that opened the truth within me.
Painting brought back the urgency to my life.
The urgency to live that is.
To be energized with creativity and inspiration and desire to spread truth to others
and witness their own creativity and inspiration and desire!!
Painting brought back my appetite.
Painting brought back the sense of adventure I used to live for.
Painting brought back me.
Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!!
Glorious, happy, curious, delirious, compassionate, and sensitive ME to the MAX!
Not that I wasn’t there before.
Not that I wasn’t still living a Creative Juicy Life and sharing my creativity, inspiration and desire with others.
Not that I didn’t have an appetite.
It’s just that things didn’t feel right. That’s the only way to explain it.
Before I felt like I had a job. Now I have a mission.
Before I depended on a pay check. Now I depend on myself.
Before I went somewhere every day. Now I manifest my day with creativity.
Before I lived for the weekends and holidays. Now I have no idea what day it is ever.
Before I was in an environment of great negativity. Now I hang with a Tribe.
Before I used to think of what I had to do. Now I think of what else can I do.
All of this….so very all of this….is because I surrendered myself to painting.
And I want nothing more then to share it with YOU.
Monday BIG goes back on sale here at Dirty Footprints Studio….I’m recruiting another Tribe of FEARLESS Painters together!! Do you feel that your life is Creative Juicy–but maybe there is just a little something that’s not right?
Join me…surrender yourself to painting….and let’s see what happens for you.
Plus, I’m so honored to announce that I’ve been invited to be a speaker at the Joyfully Jobless Jamboree in Austin, Texas this October 15-16. This is an awesome event to meet me–and many others who live their lives on their own terms and with a direct link to their creativity. Why don’t you join us?!?! It’s a jamboree!!!
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