How Do I & Other FEARLESS Painters Go BIG?!?!

The “official” Dirty Footprints Studio is actually a little room in our rented apartment in Phoenix. Honestly–it’s not ideal, but I am super grateful to have a space of my own.
I’m a FEARLESS Painter…I prefer to paint BIG!
The way I do that is by nailing cardboard to the wall and tacking my paper on there.
Above is one of my BIG paintings I’ve been working on!
I also have a huge red carpet that sits on the floor–to protect the carpet–and when I don’t feel like painting standing up…..I move to the floor!
Here are a few examples of some of the other ways FEARLESS Painters incorporate painting BIG into their lives!
This brilliant Artist created a sweet little cardboard set up that she then attached to her fence outside!! Genius!
There’s nothing wrong with throwing down a vinyl tablecloth on the floor and getting FEARLESS!!!
Even a tiny corner of a room will do!!!
And last…look at the passion here…as this FEARlESS Painter took her painting process with her on a work trip—FEARLESS Painting in a hotel room is even possible!
Don’t let space be an obstacle from keeping you going BIG!
The Tribe is forming now… a new FEARLESS Painting Adventure begins SUNDAY, AUGUST 29th!
Go HERE for more information and to register!!
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