I Wish I Wish I Wish

I posted this photo of me in January on Dirty Footprints Studio.
I felt then that I was starting some kind of crazy journey…little did I know I would keep starting fresh again and again.
This week’s Wishcasting question of LOVE could not be more perfect…more timely…more like Miss Jamie Awesome herself has some secret passageway into my brain…….do you Jamie?!?!
Right here.
Right here, right now.
On my grey, heavy rubber Yoga mat.
I’ve been gone for way too long
that I believe I’ve gotten a little lost.
This past Sunday I renewed my vow with my Yoga practice.
Nothing fancy.
No music, flowers, or four course meal was involved.
Just a moment of silence that took me deep into my heart
and made me look at myself.
Made me examine my truth.
So, I’ve decided to commit to 40 days straight-
no excuses—start fresh from the beginning–
Yoga. Yoga. Yoga.
I know it’s a silly little challenge, and I’m not asking anyone to join me..
But I’d appreciate your warm wishes…
as I venture down a journey
that is deeply and dearly important to me.
With great love and gratitude…
I thank you in advance for your sweet wishes-
And I shine the light right back at your heart.
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