Yoga L♡VE :: Day 3/40

Can I just say how much I L♡VE going to my Intro to Yoga class. I L♡VE visiting each pose as if it’s brand new again. And it is.
Seriously, can you tell me something….how do you people who don’t practice Yoga move through your lives? The way my body and spirit feels without Yoga in my Life is terrible. It just took me awhile to get to the point–and admit to myself that I was feeling crappy.
I think I’m superwoman, you see.
I believe I can jump over anything–do anything–fix anything–and be all of the above and then some. “I”–being my silly mind that is. My body always tells me something different. It eventually takes all the late nights, missed meals, and hours sitting in front of the computer and rebels with aches, pain, creakiness, and good ol’ fashion feeling depressed.
I decided today on the mat that I’m dropping back….I’m starting over…beginning a new. I have taken the first step of a new journey….I have committed myself to numero uno–big cheese–head hancho–ME– and that is by simply staying committed to this practice.
In just these few days I already feel a difference. I feel, honestly, more at peace. I feel all happy again. I even do the dishes with a smile!!!
Funny thing, I feel surprisingly—like me!

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