Yoga L♡VE :: Facing Me :: Day 6/40

This morning Hansel and I started our day with Yoga in the living room before he had to leave for work. A zen like station on and a soft, smooth, flowing practice that lasted for almost an hour.
This is what I want again–Yoga as a way of life–and an important facet of the loving relationship between Hansel and me.
Though, today I feel off. A little grouchy to put it kindly and I’m quick to notice how fast I react when things don’t go my way—when someone cut me off on the highway—when Hansel said something that rubbed me the wrong way….I quickly tensed up and took on a pissed off persona that I like to believe is really not me.
After I let those nasty negative fires of anger and frustration burn for awhile…then I realized that this is me.
I don’t know what makes today’s temperament different from my peaceful state I was dwelling in just yesterday–but this is me—all of this is me–the cold and cruel embodies the same space where warmth, compassion, and kindness breathe.
Silly, I know. But for the first time I feel like I really faced myself. And now I wonder what other “flaws” am I hiding–or just denying as me–because they seem unfit–not perfect to how I think I really am.
If this journey is going to mean anything, I better start facing who I really am in ever single way.
I’m ready to discover the whole truth. And I mean nothing but the truth.
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