Yoga L♡VE :: Rainbow Colored Wind Storm :: Day 7/40

Went to a mid-afternoon Yoga class today. There was only four of us there, and our teacher began by saying that we would be focusing on poses to open up our heart space.
She gave a little talk about Yoga-y-stuff at the beginning, and then the young woman sitting next to me spoke up and expressed that the teacher’s words really made an impact, because her grandmother just died a couple days ago, and she was having a difficult time with it. The poor soul began to cry just in her couple sentences of gratitude.
I wanted so badly to run over and hug her, but instead, I decided that second to focus my entire Yoga practice right there–to her. Every pose I did I imagined that LOVE was flowing through my body and out of my limbs and magically swirling around her.
I do most of my Yoga practice with my eyes close so this image of LOVE as a colorful rainbow of wind dipping and dancing around this woman made me all happy inside. I could completely see it.
Of course, at times, I would get distracted. Start thinking of other things–such as what I was going to make for dinner later, phone calls I needed to return, and I even started hashing through my week. But then, I would notice and go back to focusing on my rainbow of LOVE that I was shooting at the woman on the maroon colored mat.
Here’s the thing: I felt so good. Every time I imagined sending her LOVE and healing through what I was doing my body felt all tingly and electric. I honestly felt like I had super powers!
When Yoga class was finished, I went up to the dear soul and told her I would keep her and her family in my heart, and I gave her a big hug.
I don’t know if it made a difference–you know my rainbow color wind storm.
But I did learn that when I focus on LOVE and sending LOVE to others–it gives me powers–super hero powers even.
And maybe that’s the mantra I was looking for earlier in the week HERE.

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