Art Makes Me Happy

For months now I’ve been painting on paper. Large, vellum bristol paper to be exact.
I like it. It’s fun–and since it’s far more affordable then canvas, I can feel less pressure when I begin my journey with paint.
But something has been itching at me to paint on canvas once again…to bump it up a notch…to see what will happen.
So I listen…and this past weekend—right after cleaning the studio—I gessoed six beautiful stretched canvases that are now leaning against the perimeter of my studio. Waiting patiently like good little canvases should.
This makes me happy. The fear and uncertainty I feel towards working with these canvases makes me happy. My new clean studio makes me happy. My paintbrushes and tubes of paint make me happy.
Art makes me happy.
And you know what? That’s all that matters.
Stop torturing yourself by comparing your Art work to others. Stop feeling bad because your brushstrokes don’t match your neighbor’s–or someone’s portfolio is more glamourous then yours. Stop worrying if you’re doing it right–and start actually feeling what you’re doing. Stop believing that you are not an Artist because of a, b, and c–and start creating a list of why you are an Artist instead. Stop feeling guilty for purchasing those Art supplies. Just stop it–that’s silly.
And go back to swooning your creativity. Start with what makes you happy…and the rest will unfold from there.
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