Belly LOVE: Space

Last night I pulled out my charcoal and colored pencils,
curled up in my spankin’ clean studio, and I drew.
I don’t know why I let my studio get so out of control for so long. I made a million excuses each week why not to clean it–or even why not to start. And now that it’s all organized and clean–with all this extra space–I want to camp here all day and night.
It feels good.
Yes, the room itself feels good. It feels alive.
And it’s whispering to me of things it wants to see. Of creativity it wishes to manifest. Of ideas it wants to nurture.
And just like I need to honor and respect my own physical body…my environment that encases my creativity needs the same care and attention. There is a direct correlation between the way I treat my body–and the way I treat my studio.
The clutter that accumulates is like extra weight I carry on my own frame. The neglect I show my studio–mirrors the same neglect I show myself.
But I’m not here to dwell…and I’m not here to be preachy either. I’m simply amazed of how everything is connected–how the cues and reasons and big warning signs can be staring at me right in the face–and I will still turn to look the other way.
Until the moment I decide….and then….well, I can simply breathe deeply again.
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