“Big Time”

Just a couple days ago I was speaking to a dear friend.
She’s an Artist.
She has a beautiful warehouse studio that’s to die for. Is always in some kind of this or that show. Has patrons up the kazoo and was telling me how she was just asked to participate in another exhibition. But not just any exhibition–she told me this was “big time”–that now, fiiiinallly she felt she had made it “big time”.
I have to tell you, I was a little thrown back.
A tad surprised.
I thought she made it big time long time ago. For crying out loud–I’ve been dreaming of being a full time Artist it feels like all my life, and here–this has been a natural way of life for her ever since we met. And now…just now she’s hit big time, with an exhibition that doesn’t seem more prestigious or ground shaking then the last.
But this is her “big time”.
And I had to wonder–what the heck is mine?
When will I know when I hit “big time”–and honestly do I want to?
I guess “big time” comes to me in increments. I have no aspirations to have a solo show at the Met….or to have my name in large letters across the cover of any magazine. If any of those blessings come my way, you bet I’ll be grateful–but doubt I’ll feel more “big time” then I do today.
“Big time” to me is the next idea I have–the next project I want to see take flight. “Big time” will be when 21 SECRETS launches on October 1st–“big time” will be when I speak at the Joyfully Jobless Jamboree on October 15 (hey…are you coming?!?! go HERE for more info)–“big time” will be when I finish building this body of paintings I’m working on–“big time” is when I will have my little stint in Italy–“big time” will be when Dirty Footprints Studio opens in Costa Rica.
Then….I’m sure, I’ll have another list of “big times” to ramble on about!
So tell me please, what is your definition of “big time”?
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