I Did It!! Wahoo!

I spent my Sunday with the computer off (for the most part)
cleaning my studio. I know it’s not much…but it’s mine!!

This is where the magic takes place!

Notice I got more light!! I purchased those little clip on lights
that you can pick up at the hardware store for $5 each.
Oh, and there’s my sweet studio mate Nyla!!
For those of you that are curious–I keep all my paints in the
plastic cabinet on wheels and I use it to hold my palette and water as I paint on the wall–
that explains why I have cardboard on the wall!
Also I have shelving units in the closet where I keep most of my art supply collection-
and the red carpet on the floor protects from paint spills..which happen quite often!

Notice my other sweet studio mate Theo!! He’s pretty fond of the mess actually!!
I consider this area my “desk” or “work area”.

So I moved the table from the before photo into my closet–where it now stores a bunch of boxes and Art supplies even. I also wheeled that plastic cabinet in there as well.
Now, I moved my actual desk over to this space. I store my canvases in the space where the computer tower is suppose to go–isn’t that kind of cool?!?!
And, I took my tree painting down–as it’s being auctioned in a charity benefit this weekend–and instead I put one of those dry-erase board planners up.
Now that looks more like a work are, dontcha think?!?!

Ok, this is the real embarrassing part….
this area is suppose to be for meditation.

Now that’s more like it!!!

This is where I’ve been storing my paintings….on my actual “desk”
–the one that I moved to the work area part of the studio!
Not the most respectful thing to do to your paintings.

Now that the desk is moved there is more room in my tiny space–
plus I stored the paintings in both the portfolios against the wall
and in rolls kept in the crate in the corner.
Thanks for stopping by the Dirty Footprints Studio!!
Big hugs!
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