Practice What You Preach

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Yes, let’s just put it that way.
So I stumble into my studio.
Now here I am.
Sitting staring out the window.
Huh, feeling sorry for myself again.
And on top of that–
getting really bored of this freaking state
I’ve been frivolously torturing my soul in.
So I switched my gaze from the window to my paints.
I put a piece of paper on the wall.
And I started to paint.
Just sloshing my favorite colors around.
Smiling as the lavender moved vertical across my page. Starting to soften when yellow made it’s debut.
Then Bob Marley says something about three birds. And what ya know…
He was right about the whole dang thing being ok.
Sometimes I simply forget…
I got the tools.
My artillery is fully loaded.
I can fight anything. Especially self indulgent self pity.
It’s all good. This world is too big and beautiful–life is too short and silly to stay here.
You know in the ditches of my ego.
Pick up that paintbrush Connie. Practice what you preach.
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