Belly LOVE: The Dreads

For this week’s Belly LOVE–it’s all about the hair!!
The hair….the hair….or, I should say…..the dreads!!
Honestly, I have never been one to fuss over my hair–but dreadlocks are something I’ve dreamnt of having ever since high school. They have always seemed like me.
And now, they are….and just like quitting my job–and stepping into a life’s work that is fully in alignment with who I am–I feel a physical transformation is taking place as well.

I feel a little silly saying this–but I can not even begin to express how happy this hair makes me feel. How free–how open–how so myself!!
Here I am when it was freshly finished!!!
Dreads, I have been told by many, are a journey. And the beginning of this journey was already quite the adventure.
And I am so excited to see how this journey unfolds.
Thank you so much for all the LOVE and support and warm compliments you have been showering me with these last few days—it has helped ease me into this transition–and I feel that all your LOVE is now locked in my dreads!! Pick one—it’s yours!
I carry your LOVE with me always now!
{Tomorrow I’ll give ya the details!}
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