BIG Is Back!!!

BIG is back!!!
I’m looking for another Tribe of FEARLESS Painters to begin Sunday, October 24th!

Painting BIG has changed my life. It opened me up–made me aware–strengthened my trust in my intuition–empowered me beyond belief–and gave me the courage to finally follow my dreams.

I want to share this incredible gift of painting BIG with you. I want you to be FEARLESS and feel the rush that comes with painting BIG. I want you to believe in yourself–to know that anything is possible–and to start by painting BIG. I want you to join me–to laugh with me–to grow so stinking BIG that this world won’t be able to handle all of us! I want you to invest in your creativity and trust in your BIGNESS and to paint BIG like you mean it.

Are you ready? Because this isn’t small stuff. This is BIG.

This will change your life–not only your creativity…but your Creative Juicy Life.

BIG is less like an online workshop and more of a FEARLESS Painting Adventure. Because this is an adventure…I only have room for a few of you–that’s right registration is limited–and I should add this adventure will last us six FEARLESS weeks!

Here’s five (of the many) BIG things you can expect on this BIG adventure:

☞ We’ll learn some nifty tricks on how to paint BIG in your own space–no matter how limited or expansive that may be. We will also discuss affordable ways to keep painting BIG without falling into BIG financial debt.

☞We’ll have fun and get inspired by some of the BIG Artists from history that were pros at painting BIG–like Monet, Picasso, and Pollack to name a few.

☞Through inspiring, awesome, packed-full of valuable information videos and pdf’s–you will have enough juice to pump those creative BIG muscles into painting like a WildWoman. You’ll discover your voice and feel the bliss of being in the flow. Oh yes, did I mention this adventure is only open for the ladies. Sorry guys, I LOVE you…but that’s how it goes.

☞I will shower you with support, encouragement, LOVE, and professional feedback each step of the way. I know first hand how sensitive this adventure can be. I understand how vulnerable and exposed you will begin to feel as you venture into painting BIG. I’ll be there for you–I’ll challenge you to face your fears–and I ‘ll celebrate with you each time you embrace your FEARLESSNESS! We’ll rock together.

☞By investing in BIG you will become an instant member of the FEARLESS Painting Network. In other words–you’re gonna find your tribe. Dirty Footprints Studio is all about bringing kindred souls together through Art–and in BIG we will do this through scheduled online chats and live tele conferences. You won’t ever feel alone in this BIG world.

Last, I want you to be a part of BIG. I believe in this. I believe in how powerful BIG will be in your life and I’ve decided to create four affordable packages of BIGness so that you can find the right fit to match your level of commitment and monetary abundance. Choose the BIG below that you feel comfortable with and get ready for a FEARLESS Painting Adventure into your own BIG!!! Remember, BIG starts October 24th and registration is limited–be brave, be BIG.

BIG Package #1: $55

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What you’ll receive on your adventure..

Complete access to the BIG Workshop including all videos, pdf’s, mp3, scheduled online chats, your own personal page for uploading your paintings to, and tons of personal feedback from moi! You will also become a member of the Dirty Footprints Studio’s FEARLESS Painting Network on NING. We’re talkin’ BIG stuff!


BIG Package #2: $65

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What you’ll receive on your adventure…

Everything included in BIG Package #1 plus you will receive 12 inspiring, supportive emails that will help you dive deeper into the challenge, beauty, and bliss of painting BIG. These supportive emails will come twice a week–and will help you become unstuck and find ways to approach the BIG white paper with less fear and more gusto. BIG Mama cool!


BIG Package #3: $80

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What you’ll receive on your adventure…

Everything included in BIG Package #2 plus you will be a part of two LIVE tele conferences. This will be a LIVE opportunity for you to speak with me and fellow BIG painters. We will discuss the lessons, challenges, and joys of being a part of this FEARLESS Painting Adventure. Long distance phone charges may apply. I will do my best to schedule these two phone calls at a convenient time for everyone. If you are unable to make it you will have access both to a recording of the phone call as well as a private online forum for all of us to further the conversation and support one another. Awesome BIG!


BIG Package #4: $149

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What you will receive on your adventure…

Everything included in BIG Package #3 plus you will receive a FEARLESS Painting measuring 28″ by 22″ created by me based on an intention you give me for the painting. Not only will you have the full BIG experience…you will also own a bit of my BIGness as well! Shipping and handling is included to those only living in the continental USA. This is way, way, BIG time fabulous!!

{PLEASE NOTE: I pour my heart and soul into each FEARLESS Painting commission, and because of this, it takes time. Currently FEARLESS Painting commissions taken during this round of BIG will be finished in January/February of 2011. Thank you for your patience and understanding!}

Remember, registration is limited!!

BIG begins Sunday, October 24th.

Any BIG questions or concerns please email me HERE!

Plus…the next BIG will not be around until January 2011!

After I receive your registration you will automatically receive a confirmation email with detailed instructions on completing your membership.

Are you ready?

Are you ready for BIG?!?!


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