Hair And My Journey

Oh geez. My hair.

My hair lives a total different existence from the rest of me.

{That explains my vast collection of rainbow headbands!}

My hair prefers to do it’s own thing. Move by the beat of it’s own drummer.

My hair is not quite straight–but not quite curly.

It has body. That’s what my mother used to say right before she’d perm it. Because you know–perming will tame it.

Huh? Somewhere in a box– are photos of me– eight-nine-ten years old looking quite poodle-ish and with a pick in my back pocket!

The last time I permed it was high school.
Remember the spiral perm?


Let’s all forget.

But somehow–after that–I had it every color imaginable–long, short, in between, and hot mama pixie.

For the most part, I’ve always felt most like myself with short hair. When I did have long hair–I’d put it up in a messy pony anyways and called it a day.

But lately I’ve been letting it grow and do it’s thang.

I don’t feel like a short hair girl anymore. But I definitely don’t feel like a typical long hair honey either.

It’s funny. In my life right now I’m smack jack right in the middle of a huge transition–and my hair is right there with me!

Both of us are no longer willing to play it safe.

Today I have an appointment at 3:45 with a pretty rockin’ chica.
A consultation. A hair consultation.

And we’re going to be talking about dreading this mop top of mine!

I’m thinking about taming my unruly hair the natural way. No chemicals. No bright pink rods. No toxic fumes. Just me, a rockin chica, a comb, and a lot of patience.

Now before you say anything I need to finish.

This is not something I’m venturing into lightly.
This is not something that just occurred to me overnight.
This is not even fashion.

This is something that has been with me for years and years. Something that I always felt was me, but was very scared to even entertain the idea.

I’ve been afraid of what others might think. Afraid I wouldn’t be professional and taken seriously at my job. Afraid of being judged.

And, well, ever since summer I’ve had dreams where my head is flowing with soft, sweet dreads. I hadn’t said anything to anyone. Just kept it to myself.

Then a little over a month ago I was thinking of my dreadlock dream while cooking over the stove–when out of nowhere Hansel said to me: “you should get dreadlocks…you are such a dreadlock girl.”

Ever since then I’ve been researching it. Because that’s what I do.
And like usual in my life–the Universe keeps sending me signs–little oracles that this is the direction to move towards.

So here I go. My first dreadlock consultation of my entire life at 3:45.

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