Into The Embrace

This isn’t home anymore.
(If my mother reads this, she’ll be upset with me.)
But that’s the truth at matter. That’s simply how I feel.
When the plane began to make it’s descent into Cleveland, I got all teary eyed when I saw the blue of my old friend Lake Erie. I was in awe of the colorful patterns the rooftops and abandoned buildings made. I felt soft, sweet….I felt nostalgic and reverent for a place that houses old ghosts of me.
But this city no longer has space for me. I’ve let it go. I gave it over for something I felt would better nourish me.
But coming here still centers me. Still grounds me–and reminds me of things that only an old hometown can bring to the surface. There’s a familiarity I find in strangers faces.
The same old coffee house I used to frequent now plays country music?
The wine bar I worked for years sits on the opposite side of the street?
My home I occupied for a decade had lights on last night? Who the heck is sleeping in my bedroom?!?
Things keep moving, things keep organically falling in place.
I take a deep breath of the Autumn, grey air.
I smile. I realize.
Life is part letting go
And part beautiful embrace.
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