What It’s Worth…… (Sort Of An Announcement)

This is a paint tray from about 1427-1401 BC.
It’s on display at the Cleveland Museum of Art.
Pretty. Freaking. Cool.
I fell absolutely in LOVE when I stumbled across that paint tray above at the museum. Like, seriously-wanted-to-figure-out-a-major-Mission-Impossible-scheme-to-steal-it-and-make-it-my-own kind of LOVE!
And aww…..there is STILL paint in the tray.
Did you see how freaking old that thing is–and there is STILL paint in it?!?! I can’t even get a car to last more then 15 years and that paint tray is labeled BC.
I want to kiss that relic as if it was a great, great, great, great, great grandmother I am meeting for the first time. For I feel that in some way, it is.
When I went to the Cleveland Museum of Art a few days ago, I saw some old friends–Paintings that is. And, I’ve always had this thing about talking to paintings–and, I’ll be honest–they talk back.
Of course the conversation takes place all in the comforts of my silly mind, but still, to me, it’s real.
And here’s the thing, I’ve had conversations with many of these paintings tons of times in the past–but this time, things were different. I no longer was interested in how they created the work–but why. What possessed them–what drove them–what carried them to create? That’s what I was interested in.
I simply want to tap into that amazing creative source that is the pulse of the Universe.
That’s what Artists do if they are aware of it or not. That’s what’s happening when creativity is at work.
I get that now. I get this BIG time, you could say! Visiting my old honey the Cleveland Museum of Art was a huge wake up call for me on what divine purpose I carry with me when I create. And, now, I have a new and improved meaning to what it means to me to be a FEARLESS Painter. To practice the FEARLESS Painting Process.
My online workshop BIG officially starts this Sunday. Already there is a great group of us there getting settled and ready for this first part of what I call the FEARLESS Painting Adventure.
Over the past months that BIG has been running I have worked really hard to fully understand and develop my FEARLESS Painting Process into something that not only helps others tap into that Universe pulse of creativity–but also to break down barriers in their own life and get a taste of what they believe to be FEARLESS. The thing is–it works!! When the participants of BIG give the process their all–amazing things happen in their life. Just like what has happened and keeps happening to me.
The FEARLESS Painting Process is my purpose in life. End of story.
I’m here to share this from here on out with others. I’m here to understand this process–to live this process–and to help others find ways to incorporate this process into their own lives as well as find their own interpretation of this process.
BIG is worth so much more then what I charge for. When I decided on the initial prices way back in June, I couldn’t even begin to perceive what this adventure was going to entail. Since then, I have crafted and fine tuned this adventure into a fine-working-creativity burning-FEARLESS Painting phenomenon!
I care deeply about this workshop and that is why I want it’s worth to be reflected truthfully in the investment it requires.
The next BIG will begin in January 2011. I will put it back on sale starting this December. I will no longer offer four packages, but instead three–and the prices of each package will go up a percentage from what they are now to reflect what I feel–and what many, many others who have taken this course feel is what it’s worth as well.
I only have a few more spaces left in BIG. This will be the last time you can join this life changing adventure for these four low packages. You can go HERE to learn more.
Are you ready?

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