Ok, seriously. Tell me–
How is this possible?
How can I keep having these life altering transformations
over and over and over again?
Well, I didn’t expect all this.
I didn’t expect to be moved, enlightened, to laugh my juicy big ass off!
I didn’t expect to meet so many delicious souls and instantly connect like we’ve always been friends..
I didn’t expect to have so much fun while learning so stinkin’ much.
And then the FEARLESS Painting….
there was FEARLESS Painting.
Should I say more?
And–I stayed in a pretty sweet hotel…
and now, I’m just trying to wind down–in my La Quinta Inn by the airport
Dreaming, scheming, and basking in all the goodness, greatness,
and beauty that is my beloved Creative Juicy Life.
Thank you to everyone that shared so much with me this weekend–
I am truly grateful.
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