A Wealth of Online Creativity


Photo taken by my beloved Hansel.

Ok. There’s Art Every Day Month, NaNoWriMo, and the Sketch Book Project.

Did I miss any thing?

Everywhere I look online someone is sharing their excitement with one or all of the beautiful projects happening online this November…and yes, it is only November 3rd–so the energy is definitely infectious.

But something’s different this year…..I don’t feel pressured to join–or worried that maybe I’ll be missing out on something BIG and creative juicy by opting out!

Truth is I have so much on my own plate already–and things that I am having so much fun creating– that taking on another project seems like creativity suicide.

So you know what I’ve been excited about? Sharing in the buzz of creativity that is happening because of these projects. I can’t wait to start seeing all the Art being made–hearing about the stories that are coming to life–and awww….I’m a huge sucker for sketch books.

This November I plan to bask in the creativity of others. I’m going to let it fuel my own projects and help me propel magically through this month of shorten daylight as well.

If you’re feeling down and out on your own creative ventures–or simply feeling a little guilty about not joining one of these projects….then join me on the sidelines as we root, cheer, and celebrate the creative process that is absolutely on fire this month!!! There is a wealth of creativity happening right now…..being a supportive, loving, passionate audience of the work being created—is just as important as the Artists that is creating it.

So–you go Art-Every-Day-Month-NaNoWriMo-Sketchbookers!!! You go on with your bad selves—I’m right here rooting you on–loving every second of it!!!

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