Again & Again & Again


photo by my beloved Hansel of course

I can’t speak for all of us, but I know for sure that sometimes I can get too wound up on my thoughts. My own life. My own issues. My own set of expectations and self imposed standards.

I know that sometimes I fail to notice the earth under my feet and the sky whistling above my head.

I give over hours of my existence–possibly days to facebook, twitter, blogs, and youtube. I think I’m soaking in more information–expanding my knowledge of things…

when in fact I’m only moving further from the truth.

I keep reevaluating my life, my priorities, my calling that whispers to me deep in the evening hours. I keep noticing energy that moves through me without any control or intention of my own.

And I keep finding myself again and again and again. Without any awareness that I’ve really been lost at all.

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