I have this thing that I struggle with a lot.

This thing called “enough”.

I fret about it. I chase it. I worry about it. And I scheme.

Enough is something I create in my head.

I’m not good enough. I’m not doing enough. I don’t have enough.

That’s usually what I say.

So when my life is fabulous–and I love every breathing second of it–there still is a part of myself that wonders–if this is enough. Am I filling every crevice of my existence–am I feeling every ounce of my soul? Can I be better? Can I do more?

Enough is enough.

(No pun intended.)

I learned a big lesson last week. One that I prefer to keep to myself.

I saw myself for simply who I am.

And I saw enough as a carrot I hold on a stick and dangle before me.

I decided to eat the carrot.

And look it—I’m finally putting down the stick.

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