I’m A Painter


This past weekend I was at Yoga class when this woman next to me said “hey, aren’t you that girl online? Aren’t you that painter?”

And in just that moment, I felt like I stepped into something powerful. Like I put on my jacket and snuggled in warmly.

“Yes. That’s me. I’m the painter.”

And to share the rest of the conversation is unnecessary.

The truth is I’m not a mixed media Artist, a sculptor, ceramicist, or an everyday creative.

I’m a painter.

And that’s how I want to be perceived. You can label me that–you can leave here knowing only one thing, and I’m perfectly fine with this curt reality.

Some people get hooked up—worry that labels will box them in–and maybe suffocate their creativity.

I see it differently.

I’m a painter.

And that is a label I wear

that has simply

set me free.

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