My Heart Is Embed In The Desert Soil


Last night Hansel and I went on our first hot air balloon ride over Phoenix.

It was awesome.

The sun was setting.

We were with a group of really great people (mostly Canadians).

Our guide was full of fun stories.

And Hansel and I were enjoying a sweet experience together.

What more could a chica ask for, right?!?!

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED floating gracefully above the earth locked in the embrace of the gorgeous winds. I LOVED watching hawks fly beneath me oblivious to our presence. And I especially LOVED the pure quiet–pure peacefulness that exists only in the stomach of the blue skies.

But my heart settled into a new, unspeakable level once we landed smack dab in the middle of the desert. My soul instantly left my body and danced rapidly through the tumbleweed onto the horizon.

She galloped and rode on the backs of javalina.

She sang loudly to the setting sun.

And I couldn’t help but laugh as she grabbed a branch of cholla and used it as her magic wand.

I had to call her back to me, and she came floating just like the balloon.

She floated around me, besides me, and through me. She floated into me.

Your heart beats with the pulse of the desert, she said. And now it is your journey’s next mission to follow this truth.

(photo taken by my beloved Hansel)

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