“The How”


Friday comes and I finally start to chill.

Just me, my doggie Nyla, the patio, a good book, and a ruby red smoothie.

I feel like I spend every waking hour of my life during the week building a FEARLESS Painting Empire, that once Friday rolls in–I begin to settle into the softness of me again.

I let go a little more then usual.

I forget things on purpose.

I let the world pass me by in a breeze.

This is the life I always wanted. The one I bagged up and labeled “Creative Juicy” and then shoved it on a shelf to age gracefully. These are the moments I used to visualize and dream of as I worked a job that didn’t feel right.

I’m learning more and more each day–it’s not about the where or the what. It’s all about the how.

How I feel.

How I make others feel.

How this world and I relate.

And when I pour my focus fully on that….life keeps getting better and better.

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