The Power Of Prayer & LOVE

Are You Ready To IGNITE Your Creative Vision To Life?

I found Grandpa Caleb years ago through his grandson Halcyon and their joint venture of LOVE called Hug Nation. Since then, this dear wise man has passed away but his legacy and words still live on. Halcyon just recently released this video of Grandpa Caleb…and I was brought to tears by the synchronicity of events and great moments in life that this belongs deeply to right now.

If you follow Dirty Footprints Studio on Facebook, hopefully you know by now that Stellan and his great LOVE Michelle spent all day yesterday talking on the phone. The doctors are exclaiming it is a miracle. And I feel honored just to have been able to witness an event of such grace, power, and divine LOVE.

I still am struggling with finding the words to completely express how in awe I am by the great healing power of LOVE and prayer that we all witnessed take place this past weekend with Stellan. I am so moved by the out pour of LOVE that naturally and without attachments began to flow from so many strangers to another in time of great need and fear.

This moment in time, has completely changed my life–and how I will proceed further in my existence.

I understand now. I see clearly how powerful our words–our energy–our LOVING thoughts and actions truly and sincerely are in this world. I will never take my thoughts, words, and actions for granted again. I will grow to become more aware and conscious of how I direct and use the energy of my soul.

We are each capable of such great divine acts of healing and LOVE…that there is no reason to settle for suffering any longer.

Stellan almost lost his life. My dear friend almost lost her great LOVE. But I want them both to know, that in their great hardship and despair–it is their LOVE that has inspired me to let my purest expression of this powerful energy guide my life and actions from here on out.

Thank you to Stellan and Michelle for letting us be there for you. Thank you for teaching me the biggest lesson I have learned on LOVE.

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