30 Seconds & A Thought


“Joy, has no cost.”~Marianne Williamson

“A person is not a thing or a process but an opening through which the Absolute can manifest.”~Heidegger

“People don’t realize how important it is to wake up every morning with a song in your heart.”~J. Krishamurti

“The degree to which we dwell on the past is the degree to which we limit our transformation.”

~Matthew & Terces Engelhart

Happy New Year again dear friends!! I’m super excited to get back to blogging officially tomorrow, but before then–I wanted to share with you a little creative something I’ve been working on the past few days….I call it my 30 Seconds Moment.

You see–shooting video is to me what shooting photos is to my Hansel.

I take videos all the time.

But, I have a lot of video that I need to do something with because it’s just taking up space on my laptop and memory card….so I decided to go through it all and create 30 seconds moments—or, I like to think of them more as expressions. To make it more juicy–I decided to use favorite quotes for each one as well.

I hope you enjoy!

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