Creative Juicy Life Episode


I haven’t been motivated–or more or less inspired to write lately. So why force it? Instead, I thought I’d throw together an episode of Creative Juicy Life. The last one I made was way back in October of 2010…and much to my surprise–many of you actually enjoy my aimless ramblings. Thanks and enjoy!

Creative Juicy Life episode notes…


  • I “unveil” my dreadlocks for all my angry viewers to see!
  • I speak about spreading love and positivity on the internet.
  • I speak about my current Tribe of FEARLESS Painters in both BIG and DEEP.
  • I reveal a teeny tiny part of a secret that I’ve been planning & scheming over!
  • I speak about remodeling my studio.
  • I speak about Yoga teacher training coming up and my new friend Lauren over at the blog Life Is Short. Dance Naked.
  • I show you a snippet from my latest visit to Sedona.


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