Leave A Little Mystery


So while I was on my Soulful Hiatus lots of stuff happened. Big stuff. Magical stuff. Yucky stuff too, like getting sick then getting sick again. But taking a bloggy/social networking/ internet break was just the medicine my weary soul needed.

And well, I’ve been debating walking down memory lane and sharing with you all the things that happened. I even started to write about it…a long, drawn out blog post actually. Then, out of pure respect for how sacred and even mundane some of my experiences felt to me, I decided to hit delete.

You know, leave a little mystery.

The thing is my perspective has shifted. My attitude has changed. My intentions behind Dirty Footprints Studio has gotten more focused, more clear.

And what every experience and moment simply boils down to is this….my heart has expanded.

Now, with all this extra space, forward I go…into a new frontier.

Please be patient with me if at times I come across as vague. I’m just sorting through what I’ve digested from a month spent in stillness, reflection, and deep compassion. I’m just learning how to speak again, it feels like. Letting go of things that I no longer am and dealing with my Muse as she passionately bites at my shoelaces!

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