My Yoga Journey :: Week 2


This has been my second week of Yoga Advanced Studies and Teacher Training and it has certainly been a challenging one. Not because of the yoga per se. But mostly because my life has presented me some obstacles and not so comfortable situations that have made me take a good look at myself and sometimes doubt myself as well.

In the midst of all this crap I was crying to my friend about it and she kindly and with the most wisest heart responded that all of this is my yoga practice–and of course it was happening to me–I’m going deeper into my yoga practice–deeper into my spiritual practice–deeper into my truth. It’s gonna be painful. It’s gonna hurt a bit. Things need to move and shift and rearrange.

Why do we automatically think things are suppose to be easy? Right? Why do we think that things should even be a different way than the way it is unfolding perfectly before us?

Growth is seriously found in the crevices of all that yucky stuff and when I remember that–I sink into it much more easily. I breathe around my pain. I even embrace the challenge of navigating my way out like wonder woman with her magical bracelets. I know that what doesn’t kill me is actually making me a rockstar.

So after my dear friend blessed me with her nugget of wisdom…I had my own epiphany as well.

I went back to my idea–my reason for doing all of this. I dipped back into my devotion and why I do the things I do. I remembered again the post I wrote right before I officially started this Yoga Journey–that my main intention, my main wish, my main purpose was to connect again with the Divine–my God–the Goddess–the Big Guy–what I like to call lovingly: My Creative Source.

All of what I do is to get to the gooey center of my spiritual Tootsie Pop. To stay connected to Creative Source–to have a strong relationship with Creative Source–to freaking understand Creative Source in a way that is not superficial or something that happens on occasion.

I said a couple weeks ago that I Give My Life To This. And it’s true. I give my life to this. Not just art–not just the lives I touch when I speak as a teacher and a leader–not just to my studies to become a better anything. I give my life to this connection…this connection of Creative Source through good times, bad, in painting, on the yoga mat, when I’m making smoothies, and when I’m tying my shoelaces.

The challenges and hardships of this past week has taught me that I am done as labeling these situations as so. When one lives from devotion to something so much greater and grander then themselves…hardship does not exist–only different opportunities to express oneself–to expand-to grow–to Love.

Yes, again, it always comes back to Love.

And in the name of Love I pick myself up, knock the dust off my big bEEhind, and keep on truckin Creative Juicy style!!!

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