21 SECRETS :: Lisa Wilson


YOGA + ART: Journaling into Awareness

Find your foundation, play with intention, and express YOUrself! By combining the tools of art journaling and yoga, you will begin an exploration on how awareness both on the page as well as the “yoga mat” can transform mundane life – even the laundry – into something magical.

In this unique workshop, Lisa Wilson, a registered Yoga Teacher, gently guides you through very basic yoga poses that will lead you to a deeper connection with your body. Then you will transfer this heightened state of awareness to the journal page–fully expressing yourselves creatively through paint and other fun art supplies. All you need is an art journal and a body- yoga mat, previous experience, or flexibility not required!!

I am an awareness artist. Basically, I do stuff that makes me feel alive. I share that stuff with others in hopes that it inspires them to do the same. (Yoga and Art are my primary tools.) I do all of this from my home in Indiana alongside 2 young kids, a hubby, and a fuzzy dog.

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