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Me And My Shadow

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. ~ Joseph Campbell
We all have a shadow – a dark side of ourselves that we often run away from or deny. Little do we know that great riches lie in embracing the shadow and integrating the dark side of ourselves. Allowing it proper expression is the key to happiness. Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell spoke about the shadow and it’s importance in our lives. What better way to explore our shadow side but through art journaling? In this workshop we’ll be creating a two page spread on the shadow excavating our souls in the process. We’ll create 2 pages, one of the shadow and one the face we portray to the outside world using a variety of techniques. We’ll be using the page as a vessel to house our innermost thoughts and feelings.

I am a mixed media artist, author, designer, workshop instructor and creative catalyst. I create whimsical and inspirational collages. I live in beautiful B.C. Canada with my partner Mr. G (aptly named for his tolerance of glitter) in a purple magic cottage. The cottage sports a huge papier mache dragonfly drenched in glitter!

My first book “Journal Bliss: Creative Prompts to Unleash your inner Eccentric” is all about Visual Journaling. My passion is to teach others to embrace who they are through the vehicle of their creativity. I do this mainly through classes on Visual Journaling (among other mixed media projects), in my online classes and in my blog. My home, glittery van and art have been featured on numerous TV shows including Weird Homes.

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