A Promise To My Brush


My body, my soul, my mind, and even my big toe fully misses painting.

It feels like forever since I last gave myself over to the FEARLESS Painting Process…and I no longer will tolerate or support this unsolicited hiatus I have seem to have taken.

The truth is–I am changing. My life is changing. My interest and how I relate to the world is simply changing and for this brief moment in time—my FEARLESS Painting didn’t fit.

I’m ready now. Ready again to pick up the brush, drop paint on my palette, and surrender.

Sweet surrender to the unknown virtues and vices of my Muse.

I state this here as a testimony…a promise to myself…a vow to my innate wisdom that April will be the month of my brush. That I dedicate all 30 days to painting my FEARLESS painting heart out–and I will do my best to share my process, my work, and my rambling musings with you.

For whatever they are worth.

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