I Have No Interest In Pain


I wasn’t writing about pain, you see.

About comparing their pain to mine.

Or your pain to theirs or pain to pain to pain.

I’m not interested in what ails us.

I’m not here to raise a vote on who has it worse.

I just want to know how pain transforms.

And if it doesn’t–why not?

Instead I was writing about empowerment.

Pure, sweet, life force itself.

I was inspired by the young boys who in a land of desperation and hardship

Let their pain simply be.

And instead of sitting around waiting for life to get better

Turned their focus to creativity.

Mother Teresa may have said that there is a greater poverty than physical-

Which yes, I totally agree.

But I believe that when life presents us with harsh physical contrasts

It is in these comparisons that we can choose to view them through a simple commonality

Not fear–

but of what being ALIVE really means.

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