My Yoga Journey :: Week 7


The purpose for the practice of yoga is to enter the integrated state of our being.~Amrit Desai

I started my week like usual: on my yoga mat in my painting studio–when right in the middle of my first downward facing dog I had this overwhelming feeling to change things up. To get a little saucy with the routine. To put some Spring like juices flowing into my practice. To stir the pot, baby.

Stir the pot.

So I decided right then to stop, grab my laptop, and create a playlist of music that absolutely inspires me–moves me–songs that have deep meaning to me. I purposely started the playlist out a little slow then picked up the tempo–then brought it down again towards the end.

I pushed play and decided to start over again.

I began by letting my body completely surrender to Amos Lee’s sultry voice.

I let India Aries empowering lyrics seep deep into my being.

When I got to Michael Franti Say Hey–I was no longer on my yoga mat–
I was dancing all over the studio–and totally 100% integrated in my body–with my soul–my breath–my emotions–my life.

I was 100% present in the moment.


And when my other beloved…Eddie Vedder… seduced me back to my yoga mat…
he guided me into sun salutations that came from the deepest of my core.

I raised my arms.I grounded my legs into the floor.I felt strength radiating from my center.

I felt alive.Reborn.

And when my entire playlist was over-When I found myself in a yogic blisslying still in corpse pose on my mat-

I realized the one thing I’ve been missing all this time in my practiceis completely surrendering towhat some call the divine feminineor in other words–the wisdom of my body.
It knows how to move.
It has it’s own yoga poses-
That aren’t found in any booksdvd’sor weekend workshops.

They’re yoga poses that belong only to meand this expression of my one beautiful life.

And now that I found them…


we shall see…

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