Let Me Tell You….


Kelley Brown & Jeniffer Hutchins

Let me tell you about Kelley Brown and Jeniffer Hutchins…both these kick-ass chicas are teachers over at 21 SECRETS and both these women impress me to no end with their awesome.

Sound like a bunch of hoo-haw? Then check it out for yourself…

Kelley Brown is an Artist and Art Therapist who just rocks the Art journaling–so much that she has dedicated a whole blog to Art journaling called Art Journaling As A Creative Process. What I admire so much about Kelley is how prolific she is—I have her blog in my reader and it’s always at the top of my list with something creative juicy to sink into. Plus–her painting and collage style that she uses in her journals has got me hooked. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

Here are a couple of Kelley’s juicy Art journal spreads…

The next awesome teacher from 21 SECRETS is Jeniffer Hutchins of Joyful Arts Studio. She is both an Artist and an Art Educator who is just oozing over with passion to make the world a better place through Art and Expression. Not only does Jeniffer do really amazing work in her Art journal–she is quite the exquisite painter as well. She does these gorgeous landscape paintings that will make anyone’s mouth drop. Be sure to stop by her site HERE and check out her work and the magic that makes Jenffer so sweet!!

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