My Yoga Journey :: Week 10


I’m totally struggling with what to write. What can I tell you about this week of my Yoga Journey?

Well, I didn’t do much yoga on the mat. Instead I painted like a wildwoman and it felt freaking awesome!!

Ideally, my mind would love for me to have this incredibly disciplined soul where I wake up each morning and go straight to my mat and spend a couple hours committed to my yoga practice. After that I meditate, chant, then have a long and beautiful ritual of getting myself prepared and ready for the world. Yep…ideally that would be the perfect yogic morning to my day.

But, like this week, sometimes the desire to paint first thing in the morning is so strong that a wildfire in the kitchen wouldn’t stop me. Sometimes the morning sunshine is so soft and inviting that I have to go for a walk first thing. Sometimes I just want to sip orange juice, chomp on a bagel, and check out Facebook.

That’s the truth of who I am, I’ll just come clean and admit it.

Yoga is not about changing anything. It’s not like a Biggest Loser workout or a marathon training program or just some self help philosophy. Yoga, at it’s core, is designed to simply empower you to be the best you–you can be. And because we are each so wonderfully different, what that best you looks like is going to show up differently as well.

Why waste my time aiming to be an ideal that only exists in my mind?

I’ll do the world a much greater good by greeting each new day as a new opportunity to simply rock out being fully me–instead of perfecting a mold of what I think I should be.

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