My Yoga Journey :: Week 8


This whole past week I did not practice yoga on my mat–not even once. Nope. No asana practice what-so-ever. Didn’t even make it to my weekly classes.

Instead, I poured, crammed, gave-it-my-everything to finalizing both my 21 SECRETS workshop along with processing the loads of registrations that came flying in this week along with getting the site all shiny and up and running for the big grand opening yesterday.

So this week…my life–my work–my creativity WAS my Yoga.

And you know what–I’m ok with that.

About a month ago I wouldn’t have been. I would have added extra anxiety and stress to my life because I would be thinking that if I was committed to my practice–my yoga practice–that it needs to look, feel, and be a certain way. For me to be a dedicated Yogi–I need to roll that mat out every day of my life till kingdom come or I’ve failed.

Yeah, the one main–bigger than life thing this Yoga Teacher Training program is teaching me is to surrender to the divine. In other words–simply surrender to what is. How things are appearing and happening at this very moment–right here–in my life–the way everything is so beautifully (and divinely) showing up.

For this past week, squeezing in a yoga practice just was not feasible. I wanted to. I planned on it earlier in the week–I even put it in my planner–but once videos started to not upload properly and pdf’s were accidentally deleted forever and the computer started to have issue–life’s circumstances took over.
And on top of it all–on top of surrendering to the divine–I had decided to surrender to my Muse–which is a practice all in it’s own rite. When I give myself fully over to my Muse–watch out world. I’m one creative machine of adrenaline–doing everything and anything to make my creative endeavors come to life–that trying to still my mind, body, and spirit on a yoga mat feels like trying to still the ocean during a hurricane.

The answer lies in not attempting to lasso the energy—but rather let it run its course with awareness.
Thinking I need to be a certain other way is simply raging a war with who I am.

That’s not Yoga.

So, I made it through this week. I did what I needed to do–I rode the magic carpet ride with my Muse–and I, along with 20 AMAZING Artists–gave birth to pure, sweet art journal magic.

It’s all good.

And today–after catching up on my sleep, with great LOVE in my heart, and a huge smile on my face–I went to Yoga class, rolled out my mat, and joyfully came back to the practice of Yoga on my black rubber mat.

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