This is me on a Monday.

I forgot to take a shower…but I think I did the neti pot.

I had a smoothie for breakfast, and one with my lunch.

My doggie and I climbed to the tippy top of a mountain by our home. We sat up there and tried to count roof tops and instead enjoyed the sky as it breezed around our bodies simultaneously.

I painted all afternoon….

and as I type this there is cerulean blue under my finger nails.

I like it better this way.

I like it when the day describes my schedule

instead of penciled demands in a maroon date planner

dictating my energy.

There is no reason it needs to be a certain way

just because that’s what the cool kids on the block are up to.

I’ve been thinking about a revolution…and letting it go simultaneously.

Just like when me and my doggie sit on top of the world–

caught in a morning breeze.

We exist as queens of our Universe

and simultaneously chained to the things

we keep foolishly believing.

Well, maybe not her-

but certainly me.

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