Something BIG Is Coming


Painting FEARLESS™ is a process. It’s not a technique–or even a method.

Instead I like to think of it as a form to follow.

A form that guides an Artist to deeper understanding and self awareness.

A form that is designed to provoke the fear gremlin (yes, provoke) so that you can rise above it’s nonsense.

A form that is built to help strengthen your intuition and most importantly start to clear the pathway between you and your Creative Source.

BIG is the first in my FEARLESS™ Painting Adventures online. BIG is where I introduce you to the FEARLESS™ Painting Process and guide you as you journey into new territory. A new way of looking at painting–a new way of looking at yourself as an Artist–as a conduit for Creative Source itself.

So needless to say–BIG is no Sunday walk in the park. It’s a full blown adventure–with cliffs, quicksand, wild animals, and scenic views like no other. When you leave BIG my intention is that you feel empowered as an Artist–no matter what your skill level or background may be–no matter what you like to create.

FEARLESS™ Painting is my life. This is what I do on a day to day basis…for myself, for others, and most especially to fulfill my life’s purpose on this planet.

I am honored to share my FEARLESS™ Painting Process with others…but I only want you to join my Tribe of FEARLESS™ Painters if you’re ready. If you feel somewhere in your heart of heart that you want to cut away all the excuses and get real—make your Artist soul a priority. That it’s your time to stop caving into fear and instead fully embody what it means to you to be an Artist and to paint FEARLESS™.

Does it sound like you? Than join me.

In BIG I will not show you how to paint anything…I will NOT tell you how to get perspective right or how to make pretty little faces…and I definitely will NOT teach you how to paint like I do. Hell no!

Instead I guide you to paint like YOU and to paint FEARLESS™ doing so. I guide you to believe in YOUR brushstrokes–even when they look like total crap. I inspire you to love YOUR MESSES as much as YOUR MASTERPIECES because that’s what makes a painter FEARLESS™. And most importantly I provide you a safe, warm, supportive space to share and celebrate the ups and downs of emotions that come from taking such a FEARLESS™ Painting Adventure.

I’ve decided to open up BIG for another tribe of FEARLESS™ Painters to share the Adventure this May.

BIG goes on sale this Monday here on Dirty Footprints Studio and I am proud to say that I’m recruiting my sixth Tribe of FEARLESS™ Painters!!

The FEARLESS™ Painting Adventure will officially begin on Sunday, May 22nd and last 6 weeks. I limit registration–to insure that each of my FEARLESS™ Painter gets the love, attention, and support that they need.

To learn more about BIG go HERE. If you have any questions, you can contact me HERE.

Are you ready to paint FEARLESS™?

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