You Are Meant To Love Your Life


Can I tell you something?

I absolutely love my life. Like love it so much I want to squeeze the ka-jeebers out of it. Like love it so much that the feeling sinks to the pit of my stomach and explodes–making little sparks of lightening shoot through my veins.

Yes, that’s how much I love my life.

And listen…my life is far from picture perfect.

I’m far from picture perfect.

There’s a long ass list of things that could be better-that I wish I could have or do or be more like. But despite of all that clutter—I still love my life like nobody’s business.

And here’s the thing. This life of mine is easy. Not because I got it made–but because I’ve decided this is how it’s going to be.

I didn’t make this decision just yesterday, a year ago, or even five or twelve. I made it long, long time ago when I was just a kiddo growing up and watching my parents struggle and be so terribly unhappy. I made it when I watched my stepfather hit my mom and when my grandfather was drunk and being nasty to my grandma. I made it when my father walked away and when I would lock myself in my bedroom to get away from all the yelling.

I made the decision then and have been working on it ever since.

Through bad relationships, addictions, a drawn out college career, wrong decisions with men, jobs, hair colors, and money. I’ve tried and tried again….always knowing that one day things would be different.

Why? Because that’s what I decided.

And don’t I have some say over this creative juicy life of mine? Don’t I have a say on how I want to live it?

It breaks my heart to a million pieces when I see others struggling and swimming through so much misery. I want to grab them and hug them like a mother and whisper softly in their ear.

Decide that enough is enough and start today.

Decide that you want a better life. A life that’s easy and full of sunshine and love.

Decide that you want happiness.

And after you decide, know that it is waiting for you.

It always has been and it always will.

You are meant to love the ka-jeebers out of your life. You were born to feel lightening shoot through your veins.

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