Your Art Work Sucks


Ok, so I’m just going to put it out there.

Not everyone is going to or does already like your Art work.

Yes, I can 100% guarantee it. It might even be possible that I’m one of those folks that doesn’t like your Art work as well.

(It’s true.)

And the more you show your work–the more people who see it–means the more people that are not going to like it.

(Sorry, double true.)

And since there is going to be more people that don’t like your work–that means your bound to run into more tactless idiots that don’t think twice about crushing your heart and telling you they don’t like it.

(Ahem…triple quadruple true.)

How do I know?

It happens to me.

People have told me that my Art sucks.

(I got an email just recently from someone saying my pod paintings were disgusting!!)

Sometimes I get emails from people telling me that my workshops suck. That a blog post I pour my heart into….sucks..

And sometimes (this is the best part) these people (most who have never shown anyone their paintings, who have never written a blog post or created a workshop) will go on and on about what I should do to stop sucking–maybe that’s how they try to redeem themselves from being so cruel–but really…seriously….they’re only talking to themselves.

And I get it…I really do…

It’s simply easier to cut people’s heads off with your words in an email than it is to actually pull your heart out of your chest and share it with the world.

For some people–this is their only outlet of creativity. I get it.

But here’s the truth dear Lovelies….

(Grab a pen to take notes.)

There are ALWAYS going to be people who don’t like your Art work.

Just like there are ALWAYS going to be people that don’t like

your chocolate chip cookies,

your favorite color,

and that sexy mama dress you think you look hot in.

That’s life. (You can put your pen down.)

But you want to know what else is true?

There are more people that do or soon will like your Art

than there are those that don’t.

There are more people that are going to tell you how awesome you are,

how freaking-a fantastic your Art is,

how your workshops rock their world–

than there are ever going to be idiots that crush you.

I 100% guarantee it.

And how do I know?

I receive emails everyday from people telling me how much they LOVE my Art, my workshops, my blog, and even little ol’ me.


I keep those emails. I print them out and hang them on my bulletin board.

I write those people back and I shower them with LOVE and gratitude.

I feed off of THAT energy. I drink it in like a smoothie.

I build from it a bigger net of LOVE and awesome I share with the world. Such a big net of LOVE and awesome that it actually even has room for all those haters.

(Yeppers, that’s million quadruple true.)

And as I begin my next painting or plan my next workshop….I ALWAYS include those haters in my heart as I do.

Because as they spend their energy crushing people’s dreams—

I spend my energy making dreams come true.

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