Hand Over Heart


Beautiful Art Journal page by FEARLESS™ Painter Lis

I have this thing I like to do with my FEARLESS™ Painters before and after our live online chats. It’s a little something I started this past January in DEEP. And that is–each of us–in our own corners of the world put our hand over our heart and feel for the heartbeat. I like to remind all of us that the Creative Source that makes our heart beats–is the same Creative Source in which we create Art from–and the same Creative Source that joins us altogether as one.

I like to remind my FEARLESS™ Painters that when they are in times of struggle–or even when they are stuck in one of their paintings–to put their hand over their heart and simply remember to let Creative Source move through them. And to also to never forget that they are not alone–that all over the world–women who we call FEARLESS™ Painters know what it means when we do this.

I’ll tell you a little secret…this whole hand over the heart business gets me a bit choked up sometimes. When I stop and really notice that something else is always at work–that my heart keeps beating without any fret or control of my own–and that others everywhere belong to this same line of mystery as well…..well, it’s a bit overwhelming and in my opinion it really puts things in perspective.

I hope you will take the ten minutes to watch this incredible video of how two women surrendered to forgiveness–broke down barriers–and brought forth more love into the world. They are so, so very inspiring.

And watch closely…at the very end of the video–just as natural as breathing–the two women walked off the stage and simultaneously they reached their hand for their heart.

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