Living Without Conflict

Are You Ready To IGNITE Your Creative Vision To Life?

I really put alot into this morning’s post: Somewhere Out In Northern Arizona. I feel like I walked out into the unknown and declared some pretty big things for myself. And the beauty about this type of declaration is that many times–once you do so—you will start to see a domino effect of support happen around you. From friends–even from complete strangers.

And today, as I plug away working on my computer, I saw my dear friend Heather Plett wrote something quite similar about her experience–about the difference between striving and trusting. Be sure to read her wise words HERE.

And then, my beloved Yoga studio I study at posted the above video on Facebook–and I felt like Jiddu Krishnamurti was speaking to me. Here are a few quotes I pulled from his tiny speech above…

Life has become a panic, which is an obvious fact. Constant fight, fight, fight.

One must totally die to find what love is.

…And to go into this question what is death-what lies beyond death….becomes rather meaningless if you don’t know how to live. If the human being knows how to live in this world without conflict, then death has quite a different meaning.

Hearing Krishnamurti’s words made me realize that much of my own pushing and striving is me being in conflict with myself.

Krishnamurti spoke in that video in the early 1960’s…obviously people were pushing and striving and fighting with themselves back then. Now we’re more connected–we can watch a dead man speak his wisdom–we can connect with one another over the world wide web. But I wonder to myself–how far have we really come from then? And why haven’t the most of us (I included) begun to really get a grip on how to live?

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