Art Of Auspiciousness


If you are an artist, remember that whatever themes you are presenting in your artistic expression, they all depend on the internal experiences and actions with which a yogi also works.  If as an artist you also practice yoga—if you are also in touch with the internal levels of your being—you will develop a vast range of expression and your art will become what is known as ‘satyam, sivam, sundaram’, true, auspicious and beautiful.  Art then becomes divine and is known as yoga-kala, the art of auspiciousness. Art without this inner depth is known as bhogakala,  or art for pleasure.  Art for pleasure has its value, of course, but if the intensity and devotion disappear, it can easily degenerate into kama-kala, or art for sensual gratification.

~B. K. S. Iyengar

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