Sedona Blue


Acrylic paint on vellum bristol. 14″ x 17″.

Yesterday I dropped everything and went to Sedona, Arizona to celebrate the Summer Solstice with my paintbrush!  It was a beautiful day there.  Hot, but still beautiful.

Sedona In Blue

Acrylic paint on vellum bristol. 17″ x 14″.

I decided before even leaving my home that I would paint using a limited palette.

Lately I’ve been daydreaming of Picasso’s La Vie painting that I spoke about HERE yesterday–and I’ve been trying to challenge myself Artistically.  So I limited my palette to the following colors:

Titanium White

Mars Black

Phthalocyanine Blue (my favorite)

Ultramarine Blue

Primary Blue

Cobalt Blue

Cerulean Blue (second favorite)

Light Blue Permanent

Light Blue Violet

Prism Violet

Deep Violet

Brilliant Purple

Bright Aqua Green (my ultimate favorite!!!)

Using only blues is kind of challenging when you are painting en plein air in red rock country!  It took some patience, thought, and creativity on my part.

Sedona In Blue

Acrylic paint on vellum bristol 14″ x 17″.

Once I got used to thinking of things in shades of blue–it became huge fun! I think I might have found my Blue Period!

But more importantly the Summer Solstice represents a transition–and it was a great time for me to be out in one of my favorite places, painting, and thinking of what I would like to invite more of in my life and what I am ready to let go of.

Challenging myself as an Artist is something I definitely plan to invite more of in my life–while letting go of beliefs, habits, and things that don’t serve that intention.

I’ll be honest, I know deep inside me that it’s time I go deeper into my Artist soul–and part of that is to revive my skills and abilities.  It takes focus, commitment, and the willingness to break away from old habits and my comfort zone.  But yesterday, just sitting outside for hours painting and taking up a new challenge helped solidify my intention to do so.

I’m ready to fully be the Artist I know deep down that I am.

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