The Pressure Of Being An “Artist”


I’m excited to share with you that I’ve been slowly working away at creating a new site for Dirty Footprints Studio.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be up and ready by July 1st!! A new site that will best reflect who I am and what Dirty Footprints Studio stands for and is here to offer the world. This has not been an easy feat, my friends.  Not by a long shot.

And the reason is, because I have chosen to seriously be honest with myself in creating this new site.  To be honest about what things I have been doing and creating that feel truly authentic–and most of all in alignment with who I am right now–right here.

It’s really easy for me to decide to let go of those things that no longer fit or serve me.  And that’s how I feel about the format and design of this blog–it feels out of date to who I am today–so I can let it go without any attachments or worry.  But it’s not so easy for me to let go of those things that might look good on paper or seem great in theory–but deep down no longer speak to me.  Those are the real nails that are tough to chew through!


But I told myself a year ago when I quit my job that from here on out I would listen to my innate wisdom and practice strengthening that connection every opportunity possible.  So when deep down I hear that doing FEARLESS™ commissions is no longer serving me–I know I have to follow.

I’ve been extremely blessed this past year to have nearly 45 FEARLESS™ Painting commissions.  So many that it was hard for me to keep up.  When I create a FEARLESS™ Painting commission I pour every ounce of my energy into this painting.  I put a lot of love into it–and because I work intuitively in these paintings holding the patron’s heart as my intention and purpose–it sometimes can be overwhelming–and I need to pace myself.

I have learned so much about myself–about FEARLESS™ painting, and about surrendering to Creative Source through creating these paintings.  Each one has been a pure honor to create.

But awhile back I decided to stop taking commissions, and currently I only have four on my list to complete.  I had told a few people that when July comes around I would open up commissions again, but my deepest heart keeps saying that it’s time to follow another path.

With great thought and reflection I feel it is time for me to dive head first into my curiosity to understand figure drawing–and drawing altogether.  I have told myself that for  at least the next two years I will not even think for one micro second about selling my Art.  I want to give my Art full capacity to explore, expand, and express itself in whatever fashion necessary.  And once the pressure of a dollar sign is attached to the work–no matter how grateful and welcoming that is–the relationship between the work and oneself shifts.  It’s simply human nature.

But this decision has got me thinking.  We as Artists put so much pressure on ourselves to be “Artists”.  And many times this idea or definition of what an “Artist” is is something so idealized and out of alignment with who we really are–but we still keep grasping for it anyways.

I am an Artist.  And if I never sell another painting or take another commission–I will still be an Artist.  For me, being an Artist means having the freedom to define what that means.  And for me, being an Artist is about being curious and excited about life–and exploring that through my work.

I consider this blog, my workshops, and the projects I am working on related to Dirty Footprints Studio to all be my Art as much as any painting I’ve ever created.  But I also consider my curiosity, my awareness of my path, and my zeal for living truth to be the essence of my Artist soul.

It’s time to take the pressure off.

If selling your work causes you more grief, anxiety, or frustration then is necessary–then let it go.

Find another way to apply your Artist spirit and creativity to that which will fuel you–so that you can still create Art that is fresh and vibrant.  You Art will then compliment and support the other meaningful, creative work you do–and you will be a happier person for it.  End of story!

Stop believing that there is only one way to be considered an Artist.  As Artists we’re much more creative than that damn it!

So, please understand, I’m not saying selling Art is bad.  In fact it’s freaking awesome.  But for where I am in my journey right now, I see how it has become more of an obstacle than a supportive factor.  Now it is time for me to let go, create space, and most especially to trust.

I encourage you to reflect on what works for you as an Artist–and what things are you doing that no longer serve you, but you do anyways because you feel that’s what an Artist should do.  Experiment–let go for just a little while and see what happens.  You can always change your mind and come back–that’s the beauty of being an Artist!

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