BIG Juicy Freaking Awesome Announcements & A Chance To Win


BIG Juicy Freaking Awesome Announcement #1

A year ago today BIG opened it’s doors for the very first time to my very first tribe of FEARLESS™ Painters. I was so excited and nervous all at the same time.  I was going out on a limb and creating a workshop about something so incredibly dear and important to my heart–an online workshop about FEARLESS™ Painting!

Two days later I officially quit my job and decided that if I was going to be the self declared leader of the FEARLESS™ Painting Revolution–well, than I needed to give myself over to it full time.

Since than I have joyfully guided a total of six tribes of FEARLESS™ Painters–and launched the second part of the FEARLESS™ Painting Adventure: DEEP this past January.  And the third and final part of the FEARLESS™ Painting Adventures: THRIVE will be coming out this January for the highly dedicated FEARLESS™ Painters.

This is my life, my purpose, and what I am here to share with the world and it is such a blessing to have served a total of 202 amazing women.  I believe this is something definitely worth celebrating!

My lucky seventh tribe of BIG begins Sunday, August 7th and I am opening up registration starting today (which is limited to insure that I can give each of my FEARLESS™ Painters much needed attention and love).  To celebrate BIG’s one year anniversary I am offering a HUGE JUICY discount on registration till 11:00 pm PST this Thursday night.  You can only purchase this discount here on this blog post–but you can read more about BIG and what each package offers by visiting HERE.

BIG Package #1 :: $95

(regular price :: $125)

Go HERE to read what package #1 offers.

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BIG Package #2 :: $120(regular price :: $155)Go HERE to read what package #2 offers.

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BIG Package #3 :: $235

(regular price :: $275)

Go HERE to read what package #3 offers.

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✰ BIG’s Anniversary Sale Ends This Thursday at 11:00 pm PST ✰

✰Payment Plan not available for BIG’s Anniversary Sale ✰

✰ All Sales Final ✰


BIG Juicy Freaking Awesome Announcement #2

My second announcement is full of glitter and magic!! Creative magic to be specific!! Because once you think 21 SECRETS can’t be more packed full of wonderful–Andrea Schroeder of ABC Creativity is joining the 21 SECRETS family on August 1st with her own secret–a workshop called


Connecting with your soul to discover your deepest sparkliest greatest big heart dreams.

That’s right! Beginning August 1st 21 SECRETS will actually have 22 SECRETS all for $59–and don’t forget, 21 SECRETS is now open until January 1, 2012–that’s loads of time to soak in all the awesome!

To learn more about 21 SECRETS & to register hop on over HERE.


How YOU Can Win Some Goodness

Here I am a year ago painting the FEARLESS™ Painting that became the graphic for my BIG workshop.  If you are one of the first four to sign up for BIG this week with the Anniversary Sale (happening till Thursday)–you will win a print of the painting shown to the left! I call it Dream BIG.


And, to all my American friends–Happy Fourth of July!

If you like fireworks–and pastels–you might want to check out this video I made over a year ago…

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